KMLS Resources: For First Time Property Sellers

Truthfully, real estate investments in Kenya only make sense when one either sells or buys, many will hold on to property for long periods of time, but those who are making real money do so by buying and selling regularly. What does this mean for you? Please note that we are not asking you to gamble your family home to make the next big deal! Not quite. What we are saying is that to make money in the real estate market, is to buy, add some value either by waiting a while or doing some type of development and then selling. Most money is actually made in places that are considered down market e.g. a real estate investment in up market Karen or Nyali may make more in absolute terms than a small building plot in Githurai, but the small plot in Githurai appreciates in value faster and turns over relatively easier. Reality is that expensive property in Kenya stays on the market longer.

Are you looking to become a seller as a regular strategy of building wealth? If you and especially those of you in the Diaspora, you have now found a friend who understands you. KMLS is looking to create partnerships with lawyers in the Diaspora so that you in the USA, UK, Canada etc. can sell your property using an attorney you trust in your town. You are no longer at the mercy of your relatives no matter how trustworthy and again we will make sure that you sell at the best price possible.

KMLS will be offering sellers' and buyers' seminars in most markets that means both in Kenya and most large cities in the Diaspora. We want to educate sellers on the legal listing process and ensure every seller and yes buyer is aware of tools are available to control the process of selling and buying property in Kenya.

Please look out for seminars in our Facebook page at a city near you.