About Us: KMLS Revealed

The Kenya Multiple Listing Service is a new engine for change in investing, property ownership and wealth building available to Kenyan investors anywhere in the world anytime and every time. It brings to you for the very first time, Kenya's only indexed database of all property for sale and at published prices. All our Realtors® have been vetted and we are certain that when you start your property search at the KMLS portal you will wonder how you ever functioned without it.

A Word from Our Chairman/CEO

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Kenya Multiple Listing Service indexing portal.

In our lifetime there are few ideas that have the potential to change the manner in which we conduct our daily lives. These ideas so transform the "how", so much that we tend to imagine that they were always there. Think of the internet and how quickly it has changed our ability to communicate efficiently and effectively in real time.

The KMLS portal is an idea whose time has come. Like M-PESA you will wonder how life was before KMLS. When fully functional the portal will caption all trustworthy real estate market data available for sale country wide. You will no longer be at the mercy of dubious briefcase "agents" selling non-existent realties. Our guarantee which carries an equity backed warranty is that any property listed in the portal has had an official search performed, the genuine owner has authorized its listing and the listed price is the genuine asking price without agent markups. The keyword is DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE.

The portal will in due time introduce other services including real time auctions, tenders and other services. All items listed in the portal will be tested vigorously for authenticity and every authorized dealer be they a broker, realtor or agent will have undergone training in ethics, customer relations and will have to provide a monetary based performance bond. This is all based on the fact that the Kenyan investment market is rife with fraud which unduly increases the cost of investing.

We are here to multiply your real choices and mitigate your risk of investing. Our belief is that in the near future you will wonder how life was before KMLS™ partnered with you.

Karibu and may you build the wealth you so richly deserve.

~Richard Ngibuini~