KMLS Resources: Mortgages and Financing

Even though the banking sector has really opened up in the last decade, it is still very difficult for the common investor to buy a mortgage. Banks demand a level of detail that many Kenyans especially the majority of whom are gainfully employed in the informal sector, are not able to meet.

Every KMLS office will have a concierge of mortgage and financing specialists that will work for you free of charge to ensure that your receive the best mortgage in a timely manner. Our specialists are standing by to help you present your business and income in a manner that the bankers can understand. Remember that we do not get paid unless you have the title to your coveted property in your hands.

Come back to this page regularly to see how our partnerships with bankers and finance houses are coming along. We promise that when you walk into a KMLS office, you will know what having a strong team behind you really feels.