KMLS Resources: Landlords, Letting and Management

As you would expect of any great real estate portal, KMLS is happy to offer real estate property for rent and/or lease in the Kenyan market place. The rental market in Kenya is definitely vibrant and we realize that today's renter is tomorrow's buyer. We are all about the relationship. In addition, we realize that many of the people buying real estate through our portal reside in the Diaspora and thus facilitating the rental process takes the load off from the property owner as it is not feasible to manage real estate while residing in the Diaspora.

Our agents and brokers are standing by ready to receive your formal instructions to rent and even manage your property. Due to the unique nature of each property, we can only promise that our services are the most competitive in the market but we cannot make blanket promises; each transaction will be unique but every transaction will be based on professionalism and honesty.

Please contact your nearest KMLS office to start building the relationship!