KMLS Resources: For First Time Buyers

Are you contemplating investing in the Kenyan real estate market? Well, you could not be considering a much better investment especially if your investment is one of the tools in a well thought out investment strategy that includes stocks, shares, fixed deposits, treasury bills and bonds. The truth is that real estate in Kenya has generally out-performed most other investment vehicles and when it includes well thought out mixed strategy, real estate in Kenya has the potential to propel you to the wealth class with persistence and determination.

It is cliche to say that with great power comes great responsibility but that is unfortunately too true with the Kenyan real estate market. The real estate market in Kenya is powerful, it is very vibrant and property appears to appreciate in value almost overnight. This means two things; you cannot sit on your laurels and wait and you have to be extremely careful all at the same time. It is very easy in the Kenyan market to be parted with your hard earned wealth and have nothing to show for it. On the other hand you can buy a little plot today and dispose of it in a matter of months for thousands of shillings more. The pendulum of risk and benefit in the market swings frenetically.

Unless you have a well of money and do not care if you are parted with it, it is important that you partner with the Kenya Multiple Listing Service at the start of your journey. We have the following services available to mitigate your risk:

  • -Regularly scheduled buyer seminars where professionals including surveyors, bankers, insurance specialists, property brokers/agents and accomplished investors give you free advice and help sharpen your strategy.
  • -A portal that lists all property that that is available for sale or rent in all of Kenya.
  • -Each property has a valid official search before being listed, a listing agreement showing that the rightful owner has willingly placed the property in the market.
  • -A comparative market analysis for each property to ensure that you are paying the most competitive price.
  • -We do not list any property without clearly displaying the price and the price you see is what everyone sees. Talk about transparency.
  • -Regularly vetted agents who carry professional liablity insurance.

Do not go it alone. Let KMLS partner with you. Look out for buyers' seminars on our Facebook page.