KMLS Resources: Find a Lawyer in Kenya

If you are new to real estate in Kenya or for that matter anywhere in the world, it is our sad duty to let you know that you cannot really transact in real estate without the involvment of lawyers. The sad part is that the Kenyan market has more than its fair share of lawyers who are not strongly committed to ethical and professional standards they are required by law and even surprisingly by their own society. In plain language, there are very many dishonest lawyers in the Kenyan market and even more so in real estate due to the lure of large sums of money regularly changing hands.

At KMLS, we are here to tell you that even though there are many dishonest lawyers in Kenya, there are equally many honest and outstanding lawyers. We are in the process of vetting lawyers to create a registry of trustworthy lawyers. We will guarantee you that any lawyer recommended by us, works for and with us. We will vet and regularly vet and just to avoid any dishonest actions, your funds will be held in a trust account controlled by the the buyer, seller, lawyer of record and a KMLS broker. Alll funds will be disbursed at the day of closing making sure that diversion is not possible.

Please keep your eye out for the lawyers' registry. And if you an honest lawyer in the Kenyan market looking to do honest work please drop us a line. We are open to great partnerships.